Draft City Budget Forecasts Increased expenses for residents (rosebank and killarney gazette) (17 April 2024)

Crisis of confidence Has exaccerbated Sub-Saharan Africa funding squeeze (polity) (13 March 2024)

interview on SA GDP Figures (BBC TV) (5 March 2024)

TV Interview (longer) ; TV Interview   ;   Transcript

Comment on President's Response to the Budget (Briefly)(26 February 2024)

Interview on budget 2024 with TARA Penny (HOT 102.7 FM) (22 February 2024)

Link to radio interview

7.9 Million jobless, wits economist says increase in unemployment is concerning (Briefly)(22 February 2024)

SA disputes Loadshedding claims (BriEfly) (14 February 2024)

Interview on SONA with Thabiso Tema (POWER FM) (9 february 2024)

Link to Radio Interview, CLM Tweet

COmment on Expanded Brics Membership (Briefly) (1 February 2024)

PEAC MEETING (17 Jan 2024) 

ESKOM's KOEberg unit 1 closer to being restored ( (2 January 2024)

Food Inflation at a Four-Month High, South Africans Worried ( (13 December 2023)

IMF Predicts uneven economic rebound for sub-saharan africa (Polity) (2 November 2023)

South Africa: Tempers boil as welfare state eyes $7bn Bill (21 September) (The Africa report) (PDF)

 StudeNt town hall at the university of the witwatersrand with IMF's Gita Gopinath (31 August 2023)  (Wits in 60 seconds

BRICS Expansion (26 august 2023)

BRICS mechanism inspires more countries to work towards just, inclusive world order, says economist (23 August 2023) (xinhau)

Xi to Visit South Africa For Brics SumMit, Outreach to African Countries (18 August 2023) (Xinhau)

StatEment on PEAC Meeting (21 July 2023) Link

Agoa'ing, going, Gone (23 June 2023) (FInancial Mail)  (PDF) (quote)

Africa RepOrt (14 June 2023) (document)

What should be the mission of Brics in the current global environment (26 May 2023) (ANC TODAY) (PDF) (word)

 IN A CHanging world brICS Must remain true to its mission (22 May 2023) (News24)

SOUTH AFRICAN economist hails brics cooperation for mutual benefit (20 May 2023) (xinhua)

South Africa Loadshedding crisis (11 May 2023) (BBC, ROS AtKINS)

In Memory of tiego mosenke (24 April 2023) (Kaya FM)

Text KayaFM KayaFM2

South Africa: Economy Dealt multiple blows as power crisis prevails (Africa repoRT) (15 March 2023) (Full article)

Pre-Budget interview 2023 (SABC) (22 February 2023)   (Doc)

response to sona 2023 - PSG Monthly INVEstment insights (21 February 2023)


South African Energy Crisis - Interview on Al Jazeera (11 February 2023)  (MP4) (YouTube)

NOT implementing eskom tariffs could be disastrous (EWN) - 26 January 2023 (Audio)

South Africa: consumers facing toughest time yet (All Africa) - 26 january 2023

We're on the verge of finding tangible solutions to our energy crisis (SABC)  26 january 2023

de Ruyter resignation raises alarm in private sector, rand retreats (news24) - 14 December 2022

Economists fear South Africa eConomic Collapse Over Ramaphosa turmoil (The SATURDAY STAR) - 3 December 2022 (cutting)

Wits SRC stands on the formidable shoulders - Wits University (Wits News) - September 2022   (video)

ismael momoniat to hold the fort at the treasury for a year (BD) (8 august 2022) (PDF)

Bolster weak SOE's, involve private sector in the economy (IOL) (2 August 2022) (PDF)

Energy plan gets passive NOD (IoL) (2 August 2022) (PDF)

ANC Fights the Wrong Bank While it is business as usual at the big four (times live) (2 august 2022) (PDF)


Call for anc to call unemployment a crisis (Times live) (31 July 2022) (PDF)

ANC has considered decalring unemployment level a crisis (EWN) (31 July 2022) (PDF)


Video Clips - A and B and C

National Treasury on hunt for politically-astute director general (Business Day) (9 June 2022)  (PDF)

IMF Says ukraine war is setting back africa's economic recovery, climate plans (EN) 8 June 2022

IntervIEw on Operation Vulindlela and Rail Reform (ENCA) 9 May 2022


A mission-oriented approach needed for SA's energy transition (EN) 1 APril 2022

Renewable Energy only true path to energy security (EN) 29 March 2022

just transition must create jobs (M&G) 11 February 2022  (PDF)

Advisory Council on SOcial Grants (Sunday Times) 31 January 2022 (PDF)

SA Did well at cop26, now to translate this into action at home (SUNDAy times) 21 November 2021  (PDF) (original link)

South africa has one of the most coal-intensive economies in the world. can it change? (Washington Post) 31 october 2021 (link)

It will take years for the South African Economy to Recover (Saturday Star) 17 July 2021

priorities for Electricity Policy - CBPEP Colloquium 3 June 2021

Pre-Budget Comment (fin24) 22 february 2021 (access full text)

Comment on SONA (SABC) 11 February 2021 (excerpt) (full show)

COmment on Fiscal Policy (FIN24)  10 February 2021 (access full text)

Comment on Level 3 COVID Lockdown - 30 December 2020

Article on Economic Recovery (News 24) - 20 november 2020    Article

 Comment on MTBPS Oct 2020

Basic Economics course for MP's - 22 October 2020


ENCA interview on sa's economic recovery - 12 october 2020

Virtual Showroom Launch - August 2020

Always Ready to Take on the Good Fight - AUGUST 2020

COmments on President XI's speech at AIIB - July 2020

Interview Notes for CCTV

Funding the FUTURE: The Appeal of infrastructure investment - June 2020

TV interview on economic impact of COVID-19 - April 2020

COmment on Corona Virus COVId-19 - March 2020

Comment on Electricity Crisis - March 2020


ResPONSE TO electricity plans in SONA - February 2020

Response to COSATU Proposals on Eskom Restructuring - FebruarY 2020

Welcoming release of #FeesMustfall activist - December 2019

Public Statement on Release of Kanya Cekeshe (doc)

Highlighting Plight of #FeesMustfall activist - November 2019

Growing calls from civil society to "Free Kanya Cekeshe Now!"

Public Statement by former student leaders and members of the clergy and civil society

Public Statement by former student leaders and members of the clergy and civil society (Doc)

Eskom CEO - NOVEMBER 2019

Nod of approval for new head 

investment conference - french radio - NOVEMBER 2019

presidents economic advisory council - october 2019

Presidents Economic Council - The Citizen October 2019

ELEctions 2019

CORE Workshop - November 2018 and January 2019

MTBPS Oct 2018


Minimum wage

April 28, 2018

2018 - New Deal

February 19, 2018


February 6, 2018


August 23, 2017




Budget 2017

2016-08 - Wits University

‘Politicians playing perilous game with Pravin’ | IOL

South Africa not immune from ‘Brexit’ fallout – economist

SASSFE Home - Wits University

#Budget2016 convincing enough to avoid downgrade ? - YouTube

Budget Speech commentary - Economist at Wits University

Pravin's done his job - now it's up to ANC - Times LIVE

2016-02 - Wits University

Experts give us their opinion on the Sona | Northcliff Melville Times

2016-01 - Wits University

Consumers fight Eskom hikes | IOL

Afro Asian leaders call for new development bank - The Standard

At our Wits’ end | News24

African and Asian leaders call for new development bank | News | Africa | M&G

S. African Budget Draws Groans at Home, Shrugs Abroad

Oxford and South Africa_0.pdf

Nene's budget strikes balance – economist | The Citizen

2015 Budget Statement : Perfect BalANCe But Missed Freedom Charter | The Public News hub South Africa: Nene's Budget Strikes a Balance - Economist

Nene's budget is balanced: Economist - Help Business Budget | IOL Business

Parly disruptions destabilise policy making – economist

Parly disruptions destabilise policy making – economist

‘Self-serving forces at play on all sides’ - Politics | IOL News

Parly disruptions destabilise policy making - economist | The Citizen

Lukewarm reception for SONA - Politics | IOL News

Parliament disruptions destabilise policy making: Economist - Sowetan LIVE

MTBPS - A turning point has been reached

High-income earners in for a tax shock - Times LIVE

Mini budget - as it happened | Fin24

Economists saluted Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene for containing state spending

Economists salute Nene | Fin24

Economists salute finANCe minister - Help Business Budget | IOL Business | IOL.c...

Zuma welcomes platinum agreement | The Citizen

SONA mining warning welcomed - Business News | IOL Business |

Budget reaction: Kenneth Creamer, Witwatersrand University economist 

ENCA Hangout on Monetary Policy 24 November 2014

Wits Alumni magazine - July 2013

M & G (2008)

 SA needs an inclusive growth path (M&G) (2008).pdf      

 Article on 2008 Budget (M&G).pdf        


VARIOUS Press CLippings (1989 -1997) 

Side stepping and ducking employers under fire - Business Times 24 August 1997

On the Reserve Bank - Sunday Times 13 July 1997

Social Security - how can labour influence policy - SA Labour Bulletin April 1997

COSATU call for open budget process - Business Day 23 October 1997

Students rights must be entrenched - The Star 17 May 1995

Boipatong Massacre Protest - Beeld 25 June 1992

Creamer and Mafojane - The Citizen 4 September 1991

SRC Election - The Star 4 September 1991

Creamer elected SRC President  - Wits Student October 1991

Release Political Prisoners - 1 May 1991

Justice and Peace Mass - Southern Cross February 1991 

Protest at UJ - Sowetan 21 May 1991

Free Political Prisoners - New Nation May 1991

Raising the Flag -  Citizen 22 March 1989

End Conscription - Vrye Weekblad 22 September 1989

Will will not serve in the SADF - City Press 24 September 1989

One to one with new Wits Student Editors - Wits Student 1989

Soccer Tour - 1986