Curriculum Reform

  1. "Report on Economics Curriculum Reform" (August 2017)

  2. "Assessment of proposed first year economics curriculum reform and curriculum requirements for students studying Actuarial Science" (December 2017)

  3. "Report on the Working Group on the phasing-in of CORE’s The Economy as part of SEBS’ First Year Economic Theory Course in 2019" (July 2018)

  4. "Input on Curriculum Reform" to Rethinking Economics for Africa REFA Conference (Sept 2018)

  5. "Input to CORE Workshop" at Wits (Nov 2018)

  6. Various inputs to CORE Workshop at Wits (Nov 2018)

  7. "Report on the process of phasing-in CORE’s The Economy in teaching First Year Economic Theory Course at Wits in the first semester of 2019" (April 2019)

  8. "Presentation on CORE implementation at Wits for 2020" (May 2019)

  9. "Presentation on CORE to Economic Society of South Africa (ESSA) Conference" (Sept 2019)

  10. Course on decolonising economics education (video) (January 2021)

  11. Is it time for a new economics curriculum - New Yorker (Oct 2021)

  12. Input on Uneven Development to CORE session - Oxford (Nov 2021)

  13. Core 10 years on - Wendy Carlin (Dec 2022)

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Ingrid Kvangraven & Surbhi Kesar "Standing in th way of rigor - Economics's meeting with decolonization agenda"

Carlin and Bowles - What Students learn in Econ101: Time for a change (Forthcoming JEL, 2019)