briefing notes & Literacy CourSes

  1. Three Lectures in Economics.ppt

  2. Knowledge for Development (IFAA) (2000).pdf

  3. Seizing the opportunity for accelerated socio-economic transformation (Umrabulo) (2007).doc

  4. Four questions on monetary policy (Address to Wits Students Business Society)(Aug 2008).doc

  5. Macroeconomic Policy Challenges 2008.doc

  6. Advancing Alliance Discussions on Macroeconomic Policy (2010).pdf

  7. Towards an appropriate macroeconomic policy for a democratic developmental State in South Africa (January 2010).doc

  8. Unemployment in South Africa – presentation to CDE (October 2010).pdf

  9. Facing the Open Economy Trilemma in Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011).docx

  10. Using microdata studies on pricing conduct to inform the modeling of monetary policy in South Africa (2011).docx

  11. Global Crisis and South Africa (2011).pptx

  12. International Economic Context (2012).pptx

  13. Macroeconomics, Fiscal Policy and Budgeting (Nedlac) (2013) (part 1).pptx

  14. Macroeconomics, Fiscal Policy and Budgeting (Nedlac) (2013) (part 2).pptx

  15. CSID Lecture (Oct 2013).pptx

  16. Wits Review Article (July 2013).pdf

  17. Kickstarting the SA Economy - October 2014.docx

  18. Macroeconomic policy in SA since 1994 (2015).docx

  19. Macro Overview (July 2015).pptx

  20. Gauteng Infrastructure Conference July 2015.pptx

  21. Gauteng Political School July 2015.pptx

  22. Macro Context Brief (September 2015).pptx

  23. Economic History (ASRIMarch2016).pptx

  24. Macroeconomic policy in South Africa since 1994 (FINAL April 2016).docx

  25. Briefing Note on Social Compacting in South Africa (Stimulus and Recovery) (September 2018)

  26. Briefing Note on SA Energy Transition (Oct 2018)

  27. SA Challenges and Policy Political School (Dec 2018).pptx

  28. Macroeconomics Lecture to Journalists 16 May 2019.ppt

  29. Briefing Note on Monetary Policy and SARB (June 2019)

  30. Three Questions on Macroeconomic Policy (GTAC) (July 2019)

  31. Briefing Note on Integrated Resources Plan (August 2019)

  32. Input to Tswalu Dialogue (November 2019)

  33. Briefing Note on Eskom restructuring (February 2020)

  34. South Africa's Energy Policy - Input to CBPEP Colloquium (March 2020)

  35. Presentation of economic policy implications of COVID-19 in South Africa (April 2020)

  36. Accelerating the Green Transition to a Post-COVID-19 Renewal (IIPP, UCL) (May 2020)

  37. Input on The Developmental State and Economic Recovery (OR Tambo, Umrabulo Dialogue) (May 2020)

  38. Input to Parliamentary Caucus (June 2020)

  39. Post Covid-19 's Economic Transformation Opportunities (Umrabulo) (June 2020) (link)

  40. SA's Energy Transition from Crisis to Opportunity (SACBC Parliamentary Liaison Office) (July 2020) (ppt)

  41. Presentation to European Chambers of Commerce (July 2020)

  42. Input on Economic Recovery Plans to Veterans (August 2020)

  43. Lecture to OR Tambo School on Macroeconomics (November 2020)

  44. Webinar on SA's Energy Transition, Wits School of Governance (November 2020)

  45. Input to Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) (November 2020) (Video Link)

  46. South Africa Contextual Analysis (January 2021)

  47. Briefing Note on Embedded Electricity Reforms (February 2021)

  48. Comment on 2021 Budget - Wits Business School and Wits School of Governance Webinar (February 2021)

  49. Lecture on Developmental State - OR Tambo School (March 2021)

  50. Presentation on Energy and the Green Economy - CBPEP Colloquium (June 2021)

  51. Economic Transformation Priorities - SPOT (July 2021)

  52. Review of Ayabonga Cawe's 'The economy on your doorstep' - (September 2021)

  53. Note on Climate Finance - pre COP26 negotiations (September 2021)

  54. Energy System Transition and Policy - SA School of Government UCL IIPP (October 2021)

  55. Note on COP26 Partnership (November 2021)

  56. Presentation to Mpumalanga Provincial Government Exco (17 February 2022)

  57. Presentation to Mistra Book Launch on Just Transition to Low Carbon Future (23 February 2022)

  58. Presentation to COSATU on Just Transition (10 March 2022)

  59. Reflections on World Bank's Global Economic Prospects Report (22 March 2022)

  60. Politics and Economics of Energy Transition - SA School of Government (11 May 2022)

  61. Input to Mpumalanga Energy Summit 2022 (25 May 2022) (Youtube Clip) (video clip)

  62. Presentation on IMF's Regional Outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa (Wits SEF) (7 June 2022)

  63. How it could be done - Thoughts on Social And Economic Transformation (Umrabulo 52) (June 2022) (Full edition)

  64. Lecture to School of Government on Energy Transition (27 June 2022) (one pager)